How to Cancel Scheduled Eventbrite Events

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No one wants to cancel an event, especially if there is interest and people are registering. Sometimes, however, due to circumstances beyond your control, it becomes necessary. For many events, postponing or rescheduling is the best course of action. For others, including seasonal events, it’s not an option and they need to be canceled altogether.

First, Consider Changes to Large Events

If you do not wish to cancel your event, cannot reschedule, AND your in-person event originally had offered more than 100 tickets, but you have not yet reached 100 registrants, there may be some alternatives. One is to consider adjusting the number of available tickets for the event to less 100. Splitting your event into multiple, smaller sessions or offering it online-only via Zoom may also be options to comply with the guidelines set forth by NC State University in response to COVID-19.

  • NOTE: If you wish to adjust the number of available tickets for your event, contact EIT with the name and date of your event (you will not have access to do this yourself).

Canceling Your Event

If you do need to cancel an Eventbrite event that has already been scheduled, there are a few actions that need to be taken by the event creator:

  1. Notify your attendees
  2. Update the description stating that the event has been canceled
  3. Refund/Cancel all of the orders
  4. Cancel the event

Notifying Your Attendees

  • Manage Attendees > Emails to Attendees
  • Create a New Attendee Email
  • Select To All Attendees
  • Compose your message and send it; You may want to mention that their orders will be canceled

Update the Event Description

In the Details section, add a comment stating that the event has been canceled. This is important so that if an attendee contacts Eventbrite directly, the Eventbrite support staff can respond appropriately.

Cancel the Orders

  • Manage Attendees > Orders
  • For each order, select Actions > Cancel this Order;  In the case of paid events, you will need to select Refund this Order

Note that in the case of credit card orders, all charges will be reversed. In the case of checks, you will need to work with the CBO or your county financial office to issue a refund.

Cancel the Event

After all of the orders have been canceled, you can go to On Sale > Change Status > Canceled in the upper-right corner.

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