How to Join a Zoom Meeting

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What is Zoom?

Zoom is a video and web conferencing service that can be used to host small meetings, large meetings, and webinars. It works with Macs, Windows, and mobile devices. Anyone can join a meeting, including those not affiliated with the NC State University or North Carolina Cooperative Extension.

Some features of Zoom can be used directly in a Web browser, but for the best experience using Zoom, it is recommended to download and use the Zoom client application.

For more information about Zoom in general, see Zoom’s website. For mobile devices (iOS and Android), visit your platform’s app store and search for “zoom” to find the Zoom mobile app.

All University employees and students with an active “” email address can create and host Zoom meetings by logging into their NC State University Zoom account. Anyone with a Unity ID can host meetings with up to 300 participants with no time limitations. These meetings should be for NC State University or Extension-related work. 

How to Participate in a Zoom Meeting

How do I join a meeting? 

To join a meeting, you will need either the Meeting ID or the link that you receive after registering for, or being invited to join. 

If you just have the Meeting ID, go to the Zoom site and enter the Meeting ID in the Meeting ID or Personal Link Name field and click Join – this will need to be provided to you by the meeting host. 

Joining a Zoom meeting with the Meeting ID

Joining a Zoom meeting with the Meeting ID

If you registered or were invited, just click on the link included in the registration/invitation email.

Registration email image

Example registration email

What if I experience problems with the application? 

One of the most important things you can do to avoid potential problems with Zoom is to keep the Zoom client up to date with the latest version. It’s quick and easy to update. Just open the application and you should see a message at the top if you need to update.

Update message image

If that doesn’t help, you can find more information on Zoom’s Troubleshooting page via their Help Center. 

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