Tips for Creating Engaging Videos

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Video can be a great tool for sharing updates with the public, especially in this climate of “social distancing.”

Our Extension IT video experts, Simone Keith and Bryce Lane will be sharing some various tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your video productions for your county site or portal. We’ll be updating this post frequently during the coronavirus outbreak.

Using your camera phone
Talking to your audience
Capturing your audio
Video length
Transferring videos to external devices
Educational videos
Recording by yourself
Facebook Live
Managing nerves
Finding music
Branding content
Organizing content

Tip 1

Using the “camera in your pocket” to create basic videos.

Tip 2

Five skills for talking to your audience.

Tip 3

Capturing good audio.

Tip 4

How long should your video(s) be?

Tip 5

How to transfer video(s) from your phone to a computer or other external device.

Tip 6

Choosing content for educational videos.

Tip 7

Creating captions for your videos.

Tip 8

Recording video by yourself.

Tip 9

Getting started with Facebook Live.

Tip 10

Managing nervousness.

Tip 11

Finding music for your videos.

Tip 12

Branding your videos.

Tip 13

Organizing your content.

More Video Resources

If you have any questions regarding video usage or just need some ideas for content, you can reach out to Simone ( or Bryce ( at any time.