County Preparedness for Hurricanes and Storms

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As Hurricane Dorian makes its way toward the NC coast, it’s important to start preparing for the storm. When getting ready to close your Extension office, please remember to:

  • Make sure that you have completed backups of your computers.
  • Shut down all computers.
  • Move all electrical devices off the floor and away from windows.
  • Follow your county emergency protocols.

Those offices with a history of leaks and/or flooding during large rain events need to take additional steps.

Offices with a history of leaks:

  • Move equipment away from the area that has been known to leak.
  • Get all electrical cords and connections off the floor.
  • If unable to move the equipment from the area of the leak then cover the equipment with plastic sheeting or a tarp. Make sure the covering will shed water onto the floor and not onto the surface the equipment is sitting on.

Offices with a history of flooding:

  • Disconnect/unplug from any floor or wall connections.
  • Move all electrical devices off the floor.
  • If you feel it necessary due to expected storm conditions, move equipment to the highest spot you can in the office.

You can also post an emergency message right on your county portal’s main page.

Always stay informed and follow local media or the National Weather Service for vital storm updates.

If you have any questions regarding hurricane preparedness or other general storm-related issues, please contact the EIT Helpdesk at (919) 513-7000, or by email at

Additional Resources

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We will update this post with additional information as needed.