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Zoom provides a variety of ways for hosts to secure their online meetings and limit the potential for disruptions. A Zoom session might be accidentally disrupted by a participant who speaks out of turn, unaware that their microphone is active, or might be deliberately disrupted by a person who intentionally shares inappropriate or offensive video or audio.

Your meeting settings determine what security is in place for the Zoom meetings that you create. To assist people with selecting the appropriate settings, the NC State University Zoom account has updated some of the default settings. While these changes are being made at the NC State University account level,  individual users can select different meeting settings that apply to all of their own meetings or that apply to specific meetings. 

The following meeting defaults are being changed:

  • Require a password when scheduling new meetings — Change default to ON
  • Require a password for instant meetings — Change default to ON
  • Require a password for Personal Meeting ID (PMI) — Change default to ON
  • File transfer — Change default to OFF
  • Allow participants to rename themselves — Change default to OFF

These new default settings will apply when creating meetings after the evening of April 17, 2020, but the settings on meetings that were created prior to the change will not be affected.

Your Zoom meeting settings can be modified by logging in to your Zoom Profile Settings page.

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Updated on May 22, 2020
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