Eventbrite Events Now Automatically Added to Your Site

Posted On December 11, 2019— Written By

Beginning today, any event a county has created through Extension’s Eventbrite and listed as Public (under the Privacy tab), will automatically appear on your county site (on the homepage, under Events, and in event searches)! This also includes any events created in Extension’s Eventbrite in the future. Previously, you would have to manually add or share the event from Eventbrite to your site’s Google Calendar to make it appear. We’re happy to say, that is no longer the case!

Screenshot of Franklin County homepage with new imported events.
Privacy setting option

If you don’t want your event to automatically appear on your website, be sure to make it ‘Private’ using the Privacy tab.

Visually, these automagically imported events won’t look much different than the other events on your site’s calendar. However, there are a few small differences.

  1. Imported events will display a mini Eventbrite logo Eventbrite Logo, as will any event that contains an eventbrite.com link.
  2. In addition to the mini logo, these imported events will show a ‘Register Online‘ button on their respective landing pages and have “?source=eventbrite” as part of their URL.
Screenshot of event landing page with new register online button

If you update the Event Title or Description (or choose to cancel it) in Eventbrite, your changes should sync (almost immediately) with your website.