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Using Twitter in Extension

Twitter continues to grow in importance and use within Cooperative Extension and beyond. Twitter is a great platform for Cooperative Extension professionals to teach, learn, lead, serve, and connect with people.

The latest Pew Internet social media usage survey (11/2016) says that 24% of all adult Internet users are using Twitter and that it is popular with younger adults (36%) and college-educated adults (29%). Twitter can be used from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Our websites embed Twitter feeds so everyone can see them. Once you become a frequent work-related Twitter poster, consider joining Extension Voices. Extension Voices is a list or collection of Twitter accounts from people or groups who provide information about Extension programs, information and activities.

For more information about Twitter, check out Introduction to Twitter from the eXtension campus and Getting Started with Twitter.

For a great idea of how to use Twitter, see How to use a Ready-Made Twitter Campaign to Promote Hurricane Preparedness.

NCSU Guidelines

NCSU Social Media Best Practices and Guidelines

Selected Suggestions on who to follow via Twitter:

  • Institutional
  • Leadership
    • @CALS_Dean Dr. Richard Linton, Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at NC State University, Raleigh, NC
    • @tmelton3 Deputy Director, N.C. Cooperative Extension, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, NC State University
    • @SLSchwab Associate Director, N.C. Cooperative Extension Service, and Director of County Operations
  • Statewide
  • eXtension
    • @eXtension4U We help Cooperative Extension System professionals increase their measurable local impact.
    • @BeGrowCreate The eXtension Twitter stream about innovation and technology for Cooperative Extension education.
    • @eXEMG Extension Master Gardener. People. Plants. Partnerships.
  • Nationwide
    • @USDA United States Department of Agriculture
    • @4H 4-H

Have a suggestion for who to follow on Twitter? Let us know!