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Mac Printing Presets

When printing from native Mac applications you can choose from a list of preset printing options. When printing, the previously used preset is automatically selected.
Screen capture of print dialog box

Create a New Preset

  1. Edit the options (click on “Copies and Pages”) to get a list of the avialable options for the selected printer.
  2. Change the “Presets” option to select “Save As”.
  3. Give this set of options a name (i.e. “Black and White” for a preset on a color printer where the Color Options – Color as Gray is set to “On”)

Now this set of options will be used whenever you use the “Preset” with that name.

Modify a preset

  1. From the Print Dialog window, select the preset to edit
  2. Change the settings you want changed
  3. From the “Presets” list, select “Save”