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Exporting, Importing and Sharing Google Calendars

If you have your work calendar in your personal Google account’s calendar, you will want to export it from your personal account and import it into your NCSU Google Apps Calendar.


To export your Google Calendar, follow the instructions in Google’s Export Your Calendar Help to get an ICAL formatted file with your calendar data.

If you are using any other calendar application that allows exporting, create an ICAL file for importing into NCSU Google Apps Calendar.


Once you have an ICAL file (.ics filename extension) you can import it into your NCSU Google Apps Calendar.

  • Click on “Settings” under your “My Calendars” listing to see all of your calendars.
  • If you want to import into a new calendar, “Create new calendar” first to create the calendar
  • Click on “Import calendar”, select the ICAL (.ics) file and the calendar into which you want to import this calendar.


Sharing gives you the ability to make calendars to share your calendar many different ways. You can share just your busy time, or all details with the world, with specific individuals or nobody.

Currently, when sharing with other NCSU Google Apps users, you need to share with their unityID@ncsu.edu address. To find Extension employees’ unity id, find them in the Extension Directory and click on “Unity” just below their email address.

For instructions on how to share see: Sharing Basics

If you have a personal Google Calendar account, you may want to share your personal account’s calendar with your work account and visa versa. If you give “Make changes AND manage sharing” permissions, then you can add/edit events for both calendars regardless of which account you are logged into.

For information about delegation see: How can I delegate email or calendar access to another person?


You may want to change the name of your primary calendar to be your name rather than your unityID@ncsu.edu. To do this, click on the triangle to the right of the calendar name in the “My Calendars” list on the left side of the page and select “Calendar Settings”. Change the “Calendar Name” to be your name. If you have a personal Google Calendar, you may want to make the name of this calendar different so you can differentiate the two (i.e. use your middle initial in your work calendar’s name)