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County Program Year End Report

Instructions for County Plan of Work Program Impact Report

The county director is responsible for completing the County Plan of Work Program Impact Report at the end of the respective program year. This report should be completed after all ERS data has been entered, but by January 15th. The Program Impact Report is a document that can be shared with stakeholders to highlight Extension accomplishments during the year.

To complete the plan of work Program Impact Report (PIR), go to the One Stop Shop web site, click on County Plan of Work, and work from the Program Impact Report. Please note that the majority of the PIR will be computer generated based upon information entered into the Extension Reporting System and the only component that will require you to enter information is the Executive Summary Statement.

To view the computer generated information, to the right of Program Impact Report, click on the printer icon to Preview/Print PIR. You will see information summarized from ERS data entered by all staff members for your county. While this information will be a part of your final Program Impact Report, it may be useful to review this information prior to writing the Executive Summary Statement.

After previewing your PIR, click on the blank page icon that will allow you to Edit Executive Summary. You will need to write the Executive Summary to highlight major Extension program impacts for your county. A short description of what should be included in the Executive Summary can be found on this page. Please be concise and limit this section to one page. Feel free to involve other staff members as you like in completing this section.

Once you click Save Changes, the information you have entered in the Executive Summary will be saved and joined with the computer generated PIR information. The county director will need to submit the PIR for approval by the DED. Once approved, the PIR will be available on your county web site. You can view as well as print your PIR by clicking on the Printer icon.