Domain Listing or Renewal

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A county recently forwarded a mailing they received regarding an Annual Website Domain Listing on the internet directory. This is a solicitation and not a bill. It is from a business that tries to get you to pay a lot of money to be listed in an online directory. Please ignore it.

Website Listing Service Solicitation Letter

You will never have to register or renew your county, department or portal website as long as it is a part of our Extension website system. The domains are a part of NC State University and Extension IT manages these sites for you.

While if you pay to have your site listed, it will probably show up in their directory, listing your site is a waste of your money. Each of our sites is already search engine optimized to return maximum search results for topics that you post about. People will find your content online as long as you produce quality content.

The important fact to remember here is to read the fine print before you pay any bill or invoice. If you have any questions about a request regarding your domain or website, do just what this county did and ask the EIT Help Desk for advice.