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Website Listing Service Solicitation Letter

Domain Listing or Renewal

A county recently forwarded a mailing they received regarding an Annual Website Domain Listing on the internet directory. This …

Image of Allison Jones

Welcome to Allison Jones!

Extension IT would like to give a warm welcome to the newest member of our team, Allison Jones! Allison is our …

Eventbrite logo image

Eventbrite User Guide

With most counties having gone through our Eventbrite training and now starting to use the service, we wanted to …

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Data Security and Travel

With our state Extension conference on the horizon, many of us will be traveling, presenting, and working remotely. If …

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Upcoming EIT Webinars

Calling all Extension content creators! Come join us (Mike Vysocka & Jeff Ware from Extension IT) as we present …

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New Feedback Tab in Wordpress

Ever wish you could see all the feedback from the “Was the information on this page helpful?” section at …

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Gmail Confidential Mode Now Available

You can now send email confidentially through your NC State University Gmail account! This functionality allows you to: Set an expiration …