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One Stop Shop FAQ

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This web page is designed to answer the most commonly asked questions regarding the One Stop Shop suite of applications. Here are some other ways to help yourself quickly.

  1. Read the text on the screen and in alerts that may pop up while you are performing actions within the One Stop Shop. Many questions can be answered by carefully reading the text that is on the screen.
  2. Click the HELP link at the bottom of the OSS web page you are having trouble with first and read the information there and watch any screencasts that are available.
  3. Read this FAQ.
  4. If you still need help, please feel free to contact the EIT Help Desk at or call 919-513-7000.


Q: I was told my WRAP login was about to expire or has expired. What can I do so I don’t lose my work?

A: This safeguard was put in place to ensure your WRAP login does not expire while you are using some OSS applications. If you receive this alert you should immediately visit this page in a NEW browser window or tab and follow the following instructions:

  1. DO NOT LEAVE the OSS page you are working on. If you leave the page (by closing the window or tab or opening a new url in the same window or tab) you may lose your work.
  2. In a NEW browser window or tab visit and login using the 10 hour option.
    1. Mac users can open a new window by using CMD-N or a new tab by using CMD-T.
    2. Windows users can open a new window by using CRTL-N a new tab by using CTRL-T.
  3. You should now be able to go back to the OSS page you kept open and save your work.

Q: I clicked the Save button and it said my data was saved but when I came back in it was gone.

A: We have found that in the rare cases that this occurs it is due to the WRAP Cookie expiring between the time you open a web page for editing and when you click the Save (or Save Changes) button. For example, if you login with a WRAP time of 1 hour and then open your Plan of Action (or other OSS tool) for editing and take more than an hour to complete your writing, when you click Save the OSS program will THINK the data was saved but in reality your WRAP Cookie has expired and your data will be lost if you leave the web page. The answer is to MAKE SURE YOU LOGIN WITH THE 10 HOUR OPTION BEFORE YOU USE THE OSS APPLICATION or if you must login with the 1 hour option be sure you allow enough time to save before the hour expires. This will occur in most other applications that are protected by WRAP as well but you are more likely to see it in an application that you use for long periods of time.

Q: The screencasts aren’t loading and/or I can’t view them.

A: The screencasts are very large files and may take some time to load on a slow connection. Please be patient once you click the link to the movie since you may not be given a progress meter in your browser and could take 10 minutes or more on a very slow connection to load. They also require a recent version of QuickTime so please be sure you are up to date. Download Quicktime

OSS Portal

Q: What is the significance of the calendar blocks and the Pie Chart at the bottom?

A: The calendar section is really a list of the educational methods the agent listed in their plan for any particular month. This is to help remind them of what they planned and also gives them the opportunity to “check off” items as they are completed. The pie chart shows the progress towards this goal. As you check items off the pie chart updates to show your “Completed vs Not Completed” items. As users suggest ideas we will add more charts and graphs to this area to allow them to see different views of their progress, ERS entries, etc.

Q: How do we get to previous months, to check off items in months that have gone by already?

A: You can view the current month, previous month and following month in the OSS portal. You should make a point to check off items as completed as they are completed to avoid having to remember to check them all at the end of the year. If you forget to check off an item you can always check it off in the Year End Report tab as part of your Plan of Action (POA).


Q: What is the timeline for completing the various One Stop Shop reports?

A: See One Stop Shop Timelines and be sure to DOWNLOAD and PRINT the OSS Timeline Flowchart

County Plan of Work (CoPOW)

Q. How do I create the CoPOW?

A: See County Plan of Work

Q: How do I create the CoPOW Program Year End Report report?

A: See County Program Year End Report

Q: Is there any way to add an objective to the CoPOW after it has been approved?

A: The County Plan of Work cannot be changed once it has been approved. This should not impact reporting. Individuals can report on any objective, whether they were part of the County Plan of Work or not.

The County Program Impact Report (CoPIR) will display everything that was reported on any objective during the year, whether or not every objective was included in the County Plan of Work.

Individual Plan of Action (POA)

Q: I’ve submitted my plan for approval before it was complete. How can I get it back so I can continue to edit it?

A: Ask your supervisor (CED or DED) to DENY (as opposed to APPROVE) your plan. This will put it back into the NEW status that will allow you to edit it. Be sure your plan is complete before you submit it again.

Q: How do I print a copy of my plan?

A: There is no easy way to print your plan. It is designed to be viewed online. If you want to print your plan, go to the My Details for each objective and print those pages as well as the Additional Information and Approval/Addendum tabs, as appropriate.

Q: I am a multi-county agent but I can not see the objectives for all of my counties.

A: If you have responsibilities in multiple counties and do not see objectives listed for a particular one it is either because that county does not have an approved plan of work in place for the current year OR you are not properly affiliated with that county. You can begin work on your individual plan of action but you should not submit it for approval until after all of your counties have approved plans of work and your individual plan of action takes them all into account. You can verify your affiliation with multiple counties using [XEMP] – the Extension Employee Database. Once you are on the XEMP web site, simply click the EDIT button next to YOUR INFORMATION and edit the COUNTY/DEPARTMENT affiliation section to add affiliations. You can then reload your POA to see the new counties listed.

Q: I am a multi-county agent and the CEDs of my non-primary counties can not see my plan of action.

A: Currently, only the CED of your primary county can view (and approve) your plan. In order to work around this issue you should print (as PDF) the pages of your plan that are pertinent to your non-primary counties and let those CEDs see them for preliminary approval before submitting your plan to your primary county CED.

Be sure to save your work and then click the “Display as Printable” link near the top of the page before printing as a PDF file. That will make all of the text in your situation statement visible.

Q: The K-12 Academic Achievement objective does not allow me to pick any educational methods other than OTHER.

A: The work-around for this limitation is to simply select OTHER for each of your methods and type more details in the “Topic to be addressed” editable text area for each line item.

Q: I planned some workshops that I since need to drop and due to need added in some new workshops. How does one go about making those changes at mid year?

A: You can not edit your plan of action once it has been submitted and approved by your supervisor. However, you can add short text addendums on the Approval/Addendum tab. When ERS is fully integrated into the One Stop Shop (late 2008/early 2009) you will be able to report on workshops even if they were not in your plan.

Q: How do I create my Individual Plan of Action Year End Report?

A: See Plan of Action Year End Report

Extension Reporting System (ERS)

Extension Performance Appraisal Tool (EPAT)

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