Using Correct Branding in Extension Content

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Writing Tips banner imageTo help gain more consistency across our sites, here’s a list of some of the more referenced groups and programs we’ve seen on Extension pages and posts, and how to refer to them correctly.

Extension Master Gardener℠ Program

When referring to people (actual volunteers), use:

  • Master Gardener℠ volunteer(s)
  • Master Gardener℠ volunteers in ABC County
  • Master Gardener℠ volunteers of ABC County

You should never use just Master Gardener(s).

NOTE: When referring to volunteers, Extension can preface “Master Gardener” but it does not have to.

When referring to a program, use:  

  • Extension Master Gardener℠ program of ABC County

When referring to an association, use:  

  • Extension Master Gardener℠ Volunteer Association of ABC County

Other related programs:

  • Junior Master Gardener® program of North Carolina or JMG®

The superscript ℠ or registered trademark symbol ® should be used to designate the service mark or trademark for at least the first instance of the term when it is used on a page or post. You can find the superscript ℠ in the Special Character button in the Editor menu above the text field (see image below).

Special Character option image

More information about NC State Extension Master Gardener Program Service Marks and Logo usage.

North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services

You should refer to the department in one of two ways:

  • N.C. Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services

No other variation of the title should be used. Always spell out the full name in the first instance in your copy (not including the article or page title). Subsequent instances can then use the acronym.

N.C. Cooperative Extension & Programs

You can refer to your county-based operations in one of three ways:

  • N.C. Cooperative Extension
  • N.C. Cooperative Extension, ABC County Center
  • N.C. Cooperative Extension of ABC County

References such as “Adams County Cooperative Extension” and “Adams County Extension” are incorrect and should not be used.

  • North Carolina 4-H
  • NC 4-H
    • Example: NC 4-H State Horse Show

For more information, see the N.C. Cooperative Extension Brand page.

NC State Extension

When referring to the overall Extension program or university-based departments, use the following:

  • NC State Extension

For more information, see the NC State Extension Brand page.