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Tablets and Stabilizing Rigs

iPad Pro has the best camera and video features (such as 4K video recording and frame rate options) among the iPad models. The latest iPad Pro model is 11 inches. This new size has caused a big problem because there are currently no stabilizing rigs that fit this new size

Iographer is working on a new and adjustable rig that will fit the Ipad Pro 11 inches but it won’t come out until August 2020. 

One option, for now, is to find and purchase the previous iPad Pro model (10.5 inches) from a vendor that still has it in stock or opt for a regular iPad 10.2 inches. In either case, consult prior to purchasing an iPad to make sure that you can get a rig that fits your device model.

Smartphone Stabilizing Rig:

There are lots of options for Smartphone rigs. Make sure you buy one that has a “cold shoe mount” so you can attach a shotgun microphone. Here is an option:


Filmic Pro for IOS and Android


Tripods are great tools to help you stabilize your shots and record steady footage.


Shotgun Microphone

Shotgun cable for mobile devices

Lapel Microphone (needs adapter device below)

Replacement Foam Windscreen for Lapel Microphone

Extension Cable for Lapel Mic (20’)

Adapter for lapel microphone and for audio monitoring


Transfer/Storage Drive