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Technology to Do List for Employees Changing Responsibilities, Location or Name

IT related things to do:

  • If you are changing your name, notify your district’s Administrative Associate.
  • Introduce yourself to your Information Management Agent if you changed IMA regions. He/She will be able to help you with any of the following.
  • Update your Extension Directory information
  • Update your eXtension information at:
  • Update your eXtension Ask an Expert information at: (Locations, Tags, Answering-signature and Groups)
  • Update your NCSU Directory information at:
  • Update your email signature
    • For Gmail, this is found under Mail Settings, General
  • Update your email “send mail as” address
    • For Gmail, this is found under Mail Settings, Accounts
  • Contact the CES Help Desk ( or 919-513-7000) for detailed information about changing computer hardware / moving and or archiving files
  • Request a new email alias if you have changed your name so that your alias address can be changed
  • Order an updated AllCampus ID card
  • Update your MajorDomo settings to add your new email address as an alias – login with your (you will probably need to request your password since it is not the same as your unity password)
  • Update Local Foods contact person
  • Share Mailing Lists
    • If you have mailing groups in your email client that will need to be shared with your replacement, export it and send it to whoever will be using it or the CED or your secretary.
    • If you have MajorDomo mailing lists you use, give the password to your replacement, CED or secretary so they can manage the list. From the List Owner Interface update the access_rules, owners and moderators if applicable.
  • Transition Social Media Accounts
    • Do you manage any social media accounts such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, for your office? Don’t forget to assign administrative rights to at least one other person in your office to maintain continuity.
    • If you have your own work-related blog, be sure to change it to reflect your new position, assign ownership to someone else, or retire it. Don’t leave an unattended account.