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Employee Area(s) of Responsibility Database

The Extension Employee Database enables NCCE employees to identify their responsibilities and the percent of time they spend working on specific topic areas. This feature is used to generate estimates of employee efforts in specific areas and also to facilitate email communications among people working in related areas. This database is for internal NCCE use and is not available to the public.

To add (or update) your area(s) of responsibility

  1. Visit the Find Your Experts tool.
  2. Enter your Unity ID and Password when prompted.
  3. Click the blue ‘Update My Areas’ button in the right column. Screenshot of Extensions Find Your Experts tool
  4. If you have existing areas listed, they will appear in the table at the top of the page. You can remove individual areas or adjust the percent of time you spending working on that area as needed. Screenshot of Update your Areas Interface
    To add new areas, click the pill shaped ‘Add’ button next to the desired area. All of the available areas are listed at the bottom of the page. Example of Add Button for Topic Area
  5. If you don’t spend any of your time working under a specific topic area but still wish to receive email(s) for those topic areas, be sure to update your Email Preferences by clicking on the gray button in the right hand column (from Step 3). Email Preferences ButtonYou will be presented with a list of all of the possible areas you can subscribe to (check as many as you’d like).

Additional Notes

  • Many of the responsibilities are listed hierarchically. Select the most detailed responsibility that fits.
  • You cannot exceed 100% of your time.
  • It is not necessary to account for 100% of your time if the options listed don’t completely describe the area(s) of responsibility for your position.
  • If you have a partial appointment, report your percentages based on a full time appointment. For example, suppose you work half time (50%) for extension and spend half your time working with 4-H Clubs and half working with 4-H Afterschool. You should select 25% for each of those responsibilities.
  • If you have a split appointment, report only your extension responsibilities
  • You can add and remove items from your list whenever you feel it is appropriate.

Using the Reports and Email Feature


If you have questions regarding the use of the Employee Responsibilities Database, contact the CES Help Desk.

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