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NC State Extension

Administering Your WordPress Site

Administration and Site Settings

Website administration options are handled under the Site Setting menu item. The options in this section allow you to configure your banner/theme, social media accounts, specify office hours and customize the category and subscription feeds that appear on your site.

Log into your site and select Site Settings from the sidebar menu on the left.

Site Settings

  • Categories – customize the sidebar menu on your site. For example, if your county does not want aquaculture to appear or if you are an urban county that does not support field crops, then unsubscribe here.
  • Subscriptions – adds more sources to your news feed


  • Office Hours – specify office hours and indicate if the office is closed for lunch. This information will appear in the Your Local County Center section below the sidebar menu, along with your address.

Social – configure social media accounts to customize the social media icons in the upper right of your home page directly under the search box.

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube


Information on creating and updating events is located direclty within WordPress, simply find and click on the menu item for ‘Events’ to learn more.

Banner Images

Select a banner and color block appropriate to your site. If you don’t like any of the available options, contact with a high quality landscape oriented image appropriate for your banner and our graphics team would be happy to work with you.

Customizing the About page and Contact Us page

Create a new Page with the information that you would like to add.

  • For Title enter “Contact Us” and click the Save Draft button to the right
  • Directly below the title, you will see a Permalink appear. Click Edit to the right of the Permalink URL and change the value to ‘contact-us-sitename‘, replacing sitename with your own site (all lowercase, no spaces). For example, “contact-us-alamance”. After you have done that, click the OK button.
  • Edit the body content as you desire, and Publish it when you’re finished.

Creating a Custom About page

  • Repeat the same steps from above for the Contact Us page you created, but instead set your slug to ‘about-sitename

Authorship of Articles and Author Profile Pages

The Meet Our Staff page on your website lists all of the individuals affiliated with your office in the Extension Employee Database (XEMP). Your photo, contact information and social networking information is also retrieved from XEMP. Every individual’s name is a hyperlink to their author page which lists all Posts that you have made on the website.

Remember that all News items contain a byline such as “Written by X… Most recently edited by Y”. You can change the author of any News Item you create by scrolling down to the Author Attribution Fields (below the body of the article) and changing the name.