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Adding Events Factsheet

Using your County Extension Public Google Calendar

N.C. Cooperative Extension has had an online calendar application for public events for many years. On April 2, 2012, this calendar was retired and replaced using a series of Google calendars. These calendars are setup using the Google Apps for Education implementation being used at NC State University.

Events added to your County Extension Public Google Calendar will automatically display on your county Extension website. These calendars can also be used in a number of different ways including subscribing to them or embedding them in other websites or applications.

This factsheet explains how to add or modify an event on your calendar.

Google Calendar Access

Your county calendar account will be where countyname is your actual county name. Example: or

Each user in a county should have access to edit the calendar for your county. Access is automatically updated based on the Extension Personnel database. If you do not seem to have access to your county calendar, please contact the EIT Help Desk for assistance.

Adding Events to Your County Calendar

You add events to your County Google Calendar just like you would any other calendar entry on Google Calendar. If you are not familiar with Google Calendar, you should contact your IM Agent about training offerings on Google Apps. Even without training, these instructions should help you with creating an event.

The easiest way to create an event is to click on your calendar at the point where you want to insert the new event. This will open a window where you can enter basic information about the entry. Enter the Event Title in the What: box and choose your County Calendar in the Calendar: pulldown list. You will then want to click on the Edit Event >> link to complete the details of the event.

Adding Events - Choose Your County Calendar

Choose Your County Calendar

Adding Events - Click on Edit Event

Click on Edit Event >> to continue

Complete the details of your event using the example in the image below.


Event Title: Enter the title of the event in Title Case. Please do not use all CAPS for the title. Example: Eating Out on a Nutritional Budget

Event Dates and Times: Enter the start date and time and the end date and time for your event. You may choose the All day button if your event does not have a particular time.

Events that are repeated may be entered using the Repeat option. This will allow you to schedule the event on a regular schedule. There are many options for defining your repeating event.

Where: Put the physical street address of the event in the Where: box. This will help people to find your event using Google maps. Do not include information like Building name, room number or other directional information in the Where field. This information can be entered later in the Description area.

Calendar: Make sure the Calendar selected is your County Calendar. Events added to your personal calendar will not appear on your website.

Description: The Description is one of the most important fields to complete when entering an event. This is where you will describe the event for the public. Please be sure to include any important keywords that will help people find your event when searching. Also include any directional or location information needed for people to find your event.

The description should also include Contact information including contact name, email, phone, URL or any other contact information needed to get more information or to register for the event. You may want to consider using GoLinks ( to shorten long or complex URLs.

Add Guests: You can use the Add Guests feature to invite other counties to include your event on their calendars. You will have to enter the full address of other calendars where you want your event to appear.

Add your guests

Save: Make sure to click the Save button to complete your event.

Checking Your Event

Once your event has been added to your calendar, you will want to make sure that your event displays properly on your calendar and on your website. Be sure to include checking the map associated with your event for accuracy.

Please note that there may be a delay from the time that you enter the event in the calendar and the time that it appears on your web site. The event should be immediately available on Google calendar.

More Information

If you have any questions about how to use your County Google Calendar, please talk with your IM Agent about training or contact the EIT Help Desk for additional support.