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NC State Extension

About Extension Information Technology

Extension Information Technology provides technology leadership for NC State Extension and N.C. Cooperative Extension. It is our job to:

  • Maintain county center computers and networks
  • Provide technology support for the county center personnel
  • Develop web applications to serve extension’s programmatic needs and to deliver web-based data to the public
  • Manage and support Extension’s WordPress content management system, a network of county- and topic-based websites
  • Provide information technology education to extension employees. Our programs include video training and support for 3rd party applications like Zoom, Constant Contact, Basecamp and Eventbrite
  • Provide instructional design support to Extension Specialists
  • Collaborate with campus, eXtension, Southern Region, and national partners to provide technology solutions and build capacity within the national cooperative extension system

We’re here to help!

The Extension Information Technology Help Desk is here to help with your IT questions. Even if your question pertains to NC State Office of IT managed applications like Gmail or Google Docs, it’s best to start with us.

Get in touch:

The best way to ask for EIT’s help is through our EIT Help Desk. Please call or email us whenever you have a question. If we’re unavailable to answer, leave a detailed message so that we can assign your call to the person best qualified to help.

Our Is
EIT Help Desk Email
EIT Help Desk Phone 919-513-7000
Office Fax 919-513-8257
EIT Team Twitter @eit_help