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Volunteer, Guest, and Retiree Accounts

Volunteer Accounts

Extension Information Technology will create volunteer accounts on the Mac minis for individuals who need access to perform their duties as volunteers in county extension offices. The county computer contact should fill out the NCCES Add user form for each volunteer and indicate that they are a volunteer. Each individual must have their own account as sharing of accounts violates University Computer Use policy. The volunteer accounts receive 25MB of space. Email is not provided to volunteers. The accounts expire after one year and can be renewed at the request of the county computer contact.

Unity Guest Accounts

University policy (detailed at https://oit.ncsu.edu/campus-it/rules-and-regulations/rules-regulations-for-employee-it-use/computing-account-procedures-for-faculty-staff-and-guests/#guest) allows for the creation of guest Unity accounts for applicants who are associated with the University (such as NC State-affiliated agencies, state or federal government agencies). Offices needing Unity accounts for guests should enter these people into the HR system as “no-pay” employees. The Unity accounts will then be created automatically for the guest.

Requests for Unity guest accounts should go to the the person whose responsibility it is to do PeopleSoft HR entries for the office. County extension offices would work with their district administrative assistants.

Unity Accounts for NCSU Retirees

University policy allows retirees to retain their Unity accounts. This policy is detailed at https://oit.ncsu.edu/campus-it/rules-and-regulations/rules-regulations-for-employee-it-use/computing-account-procedures-for-faculty-staff-and-guests/.

The procedure:

  1. Employee sends an email to the District Administrative Associate (DAA) in their District Director’s office requesting to retain their email account upon retirement.
  2. The DAA sends the CPH05 form to the employee for them to have the County Extension Director (CED) complete, sign, and mail to the DAA. The employee is also sent the Information Security Acknowledgment Form for them to complete and mail back to us.
  3. Once the DAA has received the email request from the employee and the CPH05 & Information Security Acknowledgement forms, a Personnel Action Request (PAR) is completed and the 3 documents are attached and the personnel action is sent to CALS Personnel.
  4. The retired employee will be changed in our HR system to a County No Pay employee after all of the employee’s termination actions have been entered by Payroll and the leave payout has occurred. Normally this process is completed the month after the employee retires. For example: Employee retires 6/1/08, payout will occur in 6/30 paycheck, employee put in HR system 7/1 as County No Pay.