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Linking Your eXtension Profile

About this feature

If you are using social media applications such as blogs, Twitter and Facebook to interact with your clientele, you may add links to these resources to the NCCE Employee Directory listing and county staff pages.

An eXtension ID is required to use this feature because the information comes from your eXtension profile. The types of information you can enter into the profile include contact details, interests, and social network identities.

You will need to update your eXtension ‘Public Profile Settings’ to make some or all of your eXtension profile information viewable to the general public.

To link to your public eXtension profile from the NCCE Employee directory listing, add your eXtension id to the NCCE Employee Database. If you are a county extension employee, doing this also adds the eXtension profile link to your listing on the Staff page of your NCCE county web site.

If you prefer to keep your eXtension profile protected from public view, do not add your eXtension id to the NCCE Employee Database. If your eXtension id were added, the eXtension profile link would still display, but the linked page will say “This person has a protected profile”.


Step 1: Set up your eXension People Profile

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on the ‘My Profile‘ link to edit your profile

Step 2: Make your profile public, if desired

  1. Use the drop down in the upper right to select “Change Public Profile Settings”
  2. View your public eXtension profile at (Replace ‘username’ with your eXtension id)

Step 3: Add your eXtension id to the NCCE Employee Database

  1. Log into the NCCE employee database,, to edit your entry
  2. Add your eXtension ID
  3. Submit the form to save your changes

Step 4: Check it out

  1. Look yourself up in the NCCE Employee directory
  2. Click on the eXtension logo image to the right of your name to see your public eXtension profile. (On the upcoming public web site, the eXtension logo image will be replaced with a “Follow or Friend Me” link.)

Note: The link on the county Staff page will display after the database updates overnight.