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This event has already ended.
5 decades ago
Dec 31 1969

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3 weeks away

Learn more about hosting meetings online. Zoom Meeting is a video and web conferencing service that can be used to host your meetings. Find you what you can do with Zoom Meeting and discover if you can save travel time and conserve your travel budget by hosting your next meeting online.

Register: xlms.ces.ncsu.edu/session_detail/302/

Jul 10 Tue
webinar 1 month away

This is your opportunity to learn more about Zoom!

Topics will include announcing screen sharing, annotation tools, remote control, file transfer, using polls, and Zoom webinars. The class is intended for employees who want to go beyond the basics of hosting a Zoom meeting.

Register: xlms.ces.ncsu.edu/session_detail/304/

Jul 24 Tue