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Printing to a Network Printer From a PC

This fact sheet outlines how to print to a networked printer from a PC which is connected to the network.

Using Window’s “Add a Printer” method with Windows XP

  1. Log in as an Administrator or as a user with administrative privileges
  2. Click Start, Control Panel, Printers and Other Hardware
  3. Select “Add a Printer”
  4. Select “Local printer attached to this computer”
  5. Select “Create a new port:” and choose “Standard TCP/IP Port”
  6. Make sure the printer is turned on and the computer is connected to the network.
  7. Enter the printer’s IP address (get this by printing a test page from the printer panel – see printer manual for instructions). The port name will automatically be entered.
  8. When you Finish the Add Port Wizard, you are taken back to the Add Printer Wizard to install the printer software. Select the appropriate manufacturer and printer.
  9. Enter the name you want to use to refer to this printer.
  10. You will not be sharing this printer through your PC, so select “Do not share this printer”.
  11. Print a Test Page to make sure everything was done correctly.

Using the HP Wizard

  1. Download and install the HP Install Network Printer Wizard (if you don’t already have it installed).
    1. Follow the instructions to download the printer wizard for your operating system. It will take a while to download (less than 30 minutes across a office’s 56K network).
    2. After it is finished downloading, open “My Computer”, go to the folder where you saved this file and double click on the file’s icon.
    3. Read and follow the instructions for the installation of HP Network Printer Wizard.
  2. Run the Add HP Network Printer wizard from the Start Menu, Programs, HP Install Network Printer Wizard menu.
  3. Follow the prompts on the screen and click “Next” all the way through until you come to where you can select “HP Install Network Printer Wizard”. Select this and the Readme if you want to read the Readme file. “Finish”.
    1. Select “Select from a list of detected printers”. “Next”.
    2. Select the printer you wish to add from the printer list. “Next”.
    3. Select a driver this computer knows about – unless you are installing a very new printer, Windows XP probably has a suitable driver already installed.
    4. Select “Configure Network setting for me”. “Next”.
    5. If the printer driver is not already installed, enter the disk that came with the printer and install the driver or download from HP’s web site.
    6. Print a test page to make sure everything is working okay. “Finish”.