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Contacts Database Merge Instructions – Pages ’09

iWork Pages can be useful if you want to have addresses printed directly on newsletters printed from Pages or if you want information from the database to be printed sideways or upside down on a page.

To merge data into a Pages document, you must first get the data into a Numbers spreadsheet with a header row identified.

To do this with a CSV file created from the Contacts application:

  1. Open Numbers
  2. From the “File” menu select “Open” and select the CSV file saved from the Contacts application.
  3. Create the Header row – “Table -> Header Rows -> 1”

This inserts a new row above your heading.

  1. Move the headings into the newly created header row by dragging or copy/pasting them.
  2. Delete the now empty row where the headings were by clicking on the row number and then the downward pointing triangle to the right of the row number and select “Delete Row”.
  3. Save this file. Be sure to leave the “.numbers” filename extension on the filename.

Now you are ready to merge the data into your Pages document.

  1. From Pages, open your document.
  2. If you don’t have the Inspector window open, select “View -> Show Inspector”.
  3. From the Inspector window, click the Link inspector button (looks like a white circular arrow on a blue circle) and click on the “Merge” tab and then “Choose” the Numbers file you created above.
  4. Position your cursor in the text box where you want to insert data from the Numbers file and select the field you want from the “Insert -> Merge Field” menu.
  5. When you are done editing your document and have all the fields inserted where you want them, you are ready to output your pages by selecting “Edit -> Mail Merge…” and select if you want to merge to a new document – with one page for each record or directly to the printer by clicking on the “Merge” button.

If you want to have text rotated, insert a Text Box and edit it as you would any other text. Then to rotate that box, select the box to get the 8 handles and then hold the Command key when your pointer is over one of the corners. The pointer will change to a curved double-headed arrow and you can drag it to rotate. Holding both the Shift key and the Command key will constrain the rotation to 45 degree angles.