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Constant Contact’s Archive Feature

Constant Contact has an archive feature that will allow you to easily provide links to your newsletters and other content sent out using Constant Contact. The main advantage of the archive feature is the ability to create links to the monthly e-mail update that many Extension offices send out. You can also add links to your website or social media sites, sharing your content in another way to your audience. Archived newsletters can be shared with social media sites — see our latest newsletter status updates can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, etc. In addition, once you archive an email/newsletter, it becomes searchable by services like Google.


  • Emails and invitations can be archived at the same time you send them, or after they’ve been sent (drafts cannot be archived)
  • Up to 250 messages can be archived

To archive items that have already been sent: 

  • Log into Constant Contact, click Email > Archive.
  • In the Archived Emails section, click “Archive your sent emails“, or “Archive More Emails” if you already have emails archived.
  • Check each email that you want to archive.

To archive when you schedule your emails or invitations:

  • Schedule the item to be sent
  • On the Schedule page, check the box by “Archive this email after sending.”

Find an archive URL to place in a website or email

  • You can share an archived email on your own website and in new emails by using its URL.
  • After the email is archived, click on the “URL” link to the right of the Email Name on the Archive Settings page. (Note that archiving can take a few minutes to process.)

To create your Archive Homepage:  (must use Firefox)

  • Log into Constant Contact, click Email > Archive.
  • Click “Create an Archive Homepage.”  You can modify this page as you would any newsletter. In addition to the usual text blocks, this page contains an “Archive List Block”.
  • Click “Select the links to add from a list of my archived emails ” to add links to the emails you have already archived.

To remove items from your archive

  •  Periodically take a look at your list of archived emails and get rid of the ones that are no longer useful. Once you’ve reached the 250 archive limit, you’ll have to  remove items from your archive to add a new email.
  • Log into Constant Contact, click Email > Archive. Your list of archived emails will appear underneath the Archived Emails section.
  • Place a check on the archived email or invitation you want to remove.
  • Click Delete From Archive.
  • Note that removing an email your list of active emails will not remove it from your homepage or deactivate the link. You must remove the email or invitation from the homepage.

To share your archived emails on social media sites:

  • Log into Constant Contact, click Email > Archive.
  • Hover your cursor over the Share buttons beside the archived newsletter that you’d like to select. On the Bookmark and Share pop-up box that displays, select the social media application you want to use.
  • On the login screen that displays, type your username and password, then click Login.
  • From there, the social media site will take you through the steps of displaying your archived newsletter
  • Remember that you can share messages that have not been archived using the social share tool by logging into Constant Contact, click Email > My Emails. In the Social Sharing section, click the Simple Share button.

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