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About the ExtensionVoices Twitter List

ExtensionVoices is a Twitter list comprised of individual Twitter accounts that opted in to share Extension-focused content on our organizational websites. List members include individual accounts and accounts created for offices, specific functions or organizations. You may see the ExtensionVoices’ list membership by visiting Twitter’s ExtensionVoices List Members page.

This list is used most prominently on the state extension website and on those county sites or portals without their own custom Twitter account. A primary intent of the list is to extend the reach of your Twitter content to our website visitors.

Please note that while it is acceptable to use a Twitter account for both personal and professional uses, we will only include accounts in this list that do not include personal tweets. Content posted on or linked from our organizational pages must reflect the work of NC State Extension and not your personal opinions.

If you would like Extension Information Technology to add your Twitter account to ExtensionVoices, or you have questions about including social media on extension websites, please contact the EIT Help Desk at or 919-513-7000.