Creating or Moving Left-Hand Navigation Page Links

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To create and/or move Page links in your left-hand navigation menu, you can do the following:

  1. Go to Site Settings > Secondary Menu.
    Secondary menu screen image
  2. in the Pages section, check the pages you would like to add to your left-hand navigation menu, then click the Add to Menu button.
    Add links screen shot image
  3. Once added, you can then move the Pages up or down the Menu Structure list, and also create “sub” Pages underneath a “parent” Page. To get “sub” Pages to fall under the main “parent” Page, you want to select a specific Page, move it underneath the Page you want to use as the “parent,” then drag it slightly to the right. This action will indent the “sub” Page and will make it fall under the “parent” Page.
    Main navigation link structure image
  4. If you add “sub” Pages, your menu should look like following; just click on the specific link section to expand it.
    Menu with sub pages imageSub pages example image