New Feedback Tab in WordPress

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Ever wish you could see all the feedback from the “Was the information on this page helpful?” section at the bottom of your Pages and News Posts?

Feedback widget image

Now you can! We’ve just implemented a new Feedback tab in the main navigation of your WordPress Dashboard.

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On the Feedback tab, you’ll see all the comments that have been submitted for the current month (don’t worry if you don’t see anything; there may not be any in your queue). To see the previous month’s feedback, click the Show Last Month button in the upper-right of the screen.

A few things to keep in mind as you view the responses:

  1. We try our best to automatically filter out all inflammatory and/or derogatory comments that come in, but some may find their way through. This should in no way make you think it’s a reflection of your work – remember, this is the internet, and everyone can see your content (and also submit comments, for better or worse).
  2. All feedback is anonymous and you can’t respond back to the original submitter; we collect it to try and help make our content better. Also, you are not required to take any action regarding this feedback – it’s provided to you as (hopefully) constructive and informational.

If there are any comments that you would like removed from your feed, please contact us at