New Smaller Text Size Available for Content

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We’ve added a new option for text size via the text drop-down menu in the WordPress Visual Editor.

Text size option screen shot

To use this new option, highlight the word(s) you would like to make smaller, then choose “Small Text” from the drop-down. To reverse, highlight and choose “Small Text” again.

After hearing from many of you, we decided to make this change to provide a bit more variety and control over how your content is presented. That said, we strongly encourage you to use this sparingly, as it is ideal for table text (since tables can and do get rather large), disclaimers, or secondary notes, but not for full-page copy, as it might be too small or difficult for some users to read.

Our standard Paragraph text size is optimal for reading on our WordPress portals and adheres to the accessibility standards that NC State University has adopted.

If you’d like to read some thoughts on why we use the standard text size that we do, here are a few good resources:

16 Pixels Font Size: For Body Copy. Anything Less Is A Costly Mistake

The Effect of Font Size and Line Spacing on Online Readability

If you have any questions regarding accessibility, readability, or why we use the text sizes we do on our sites/portals, let me know at