The Difference Between News Posts and Pages

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You have your content, so now you need to decide if it should be created as a News Post or a Page. What’s the difference?

News Posts

A News Post is an easy, fast way to present timely information. Each new News Post will show up at the top of your News and Updates section, and you can give them further visibility by “pinning” them to the top. You can also add Tags and Categories to a News Post to make it easier to search for and find.

Examples of suitable content:

  • Events
  • Classes
  • Conferences
  • Special announcements
  • Articles/links to articles


Pages should be reserved for content that is more permanent; information that isn’t timely or that won’t be changing on a regular basis. A new Page DOES NOT automatically show up in your News and Updates section like a News Post. You will need to create an additional News Post that links to the Page if you want it to show up there.

Outside of that, the only way users can find a Page is either through it being added as a link in your navigation or by using the Search field.

Examples of suitable content:

  • Static content, including descriptions and/or profiles of animals, insects, and plants
  • Staff or contact information
  • General organizational, club, or program information and/or guidelines
  • Instructional/how-to content

Have a question as to whether your content would be best suited as a News Post or a Page? Let me know! I can be reached via email at