How to Share a News Post or Page Through Social Media

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So you’ve created a News Post or Page, and now you want to share it.

The easiest way to do this is to click one of the options in the upper-right corner of the page that includes Twitter, Facebook, and an email option:

Image of social sharing options

You can also just copy the URL of the News Post or Page and paste it directly into a new Facebook or Twitter post. In doing this, however, sometimes the link you share comes up as empty or not available.

The first thing to check is if the article is actually published. This may sound obvious, but we know sometimes things get rushed and it happens.

Facebook Troubleshooting

Typically, when a user attempts to paste a link from our site into a Facebook post before it’s published (or maybe even before a new portal has gone live), Facebook to try to fetch a preview of the article, and if it can’t, it will cache that response. After all, Facebook doesn’t want to re-generate a link preview every time someone on the web chooses to use it. This automatically happens even if you don’t click the “Post” button; simply pasting one of our links in their content box will trigger it.

So here’s the catch – even if you didn’t try to paste this link into Facebook yet, anyone else (who uses Facebook) could have, which would have triggered the invalid scape.

Facebook actually provides a Debugger Tool to help see what’s going on. You can paste your Extension link URL into the white box at the top of the page and click the blue ‘Debug’ button.

Facebook URL debugger image

While most of the output data might not make a lot of sense, it will give you a good idea of whether or not Facebook pulled the correct information.

If it doesn’t look like Facebook has the correct information, you can click the gray ‘Scrape Again’ button at the beginning of the results to force Facebook to disregard the cached version it has saved and re-submit the content. Doing this almost always fixes the issue.

If you still have issues with your content not showing up when trying to share on your social channels, you can email me at and we can help troubleshoot your issue.