Old Site Content Review Project Update

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Thanks to everyone that helped us sift through almost 6600 pieces of old content in our database! We’ve now archived all the old posts and pages that were marked as no longer needed, and moved those that were marked as needing to be updated to “Draft” status, accessible from your WordPress Dashboard.

Going forward, if you happen to come across a link for a page that was part of this process, you’ll see one of two alert messages on the 404 page:

If it was removed because it was marked for deletion, you’ll see this message:
This page was part of our recent legacy content cleanup effort.
404 Alert Message - Deleted Page

If it was marked to keep and just needs to be updated, you’ll see this one:
This page was a part of our recent legacy content cleanup effort, we’ll be updating and re-posting it soon!
404 Alert - Needs Updating image

If a page is not accessible but was not part of our legacy content cleanup, you’ll see the standard 404 Page Not Found error page:
404 Error Page image

If you have an issue with a specific piece of content or questions about the old content review project, please contact the CES Help Desk by emailing ces_help@ncsu.edu or calling 919-513-7000.