New QA Module in WordPress

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In an effort to provide you with even more control over your content, we have officially rolled out our new QA (Quality Assurance) module, a feature that is visible through your county or portal site’s WordPress Dashboard!

This new feature automatically alerts you to any issues (e.g., broken links, misused headings, missing Tags or Categories, etc.) with your News post or Page content once you publish it, so you can go in and fix any problems as quickly as possible.

You can find the module in the upper-right corner of any News post or Page.

WordPress QA Module image

Issues Module imageOnce a new News post or page is published, the module will alert you if it detects any issues with the content, provides a description of the problem, and a link to EIT blog posts with more information and recommendations on how to fix the issue(s).

When you have fixed the issue(s), just save the News post or Page and the corresponding alert should disappear (if it has been corrected) from the QA module.

It’s worth noting, however, that not every issue is something that needs fixing; for example, you may not have a need to choose a Category for a particular News post or Page. If this is the case, you can just ignore it. Many of the issues reported are merely suggestions to help make our Extension content better and, ultimately,  more helpful for our users.

You can also get a quick snapshot of any issues that might be affecting multiple pages in the “From Your Site” view under the News link, and “All Pages” under the Page link in the left navigation of your WordPress Dashboard (the 2 new columns to the right – “Broken Links?” and “QA”).

QA Overview Snapshot image