End of Life for Old Web Space

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Extension IT has been working with extension employees for the past several years to migrate all Extension content into websites hosted in our WordPress content management system or into the Extension Publication Database.

Some older content still resides in non-WordPress EIT-hosted space. Much of this content is outdated, inappropriately branded, and non compliant with HTML and accessibility standards. It needs to be reviewed, updated and moved to modern web services.

How Can I Tell If My Content Should Be Moved

You can recognize content stored in EIT’s old space from urls similar to “www.ces.ncsu.edu/depts/department-name,” or

EIT will retire any content hosted in this space by March 31, 2018

OIT is also retiring old web services this year. This week, they announced the end-of-life of the www4 web service on December 31, 2018. At that time, sites delivered by www4 will no longer be delivered via the web. www4 URLs look like:

EIT has inventoried our old content and content in www4 space that our sites link to. We are in the process of contacting content owners to offer support for transitioning still valid content into portals or the publication database.

EIT will do the work of moving the content, but first, we need content owners to

  1. Determine if the content is still valid and, in fact, if it should be kept at all and
  2. Review and update the content before republishing. We can provide an archive of all of the old content, whether or not it is moved.

If you have any questions about this transition, please contact the CES Help Desk at ces_help@ncsu.edu or 919-513-7000.