Social Media on Extension Websites

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Our Extension websites delivered educational resources to more than four million visitors this past year. Social media augments that effort and is an important channel for getting your messages out to the public.
In August 2016, we compiled a Twitter list comprised of individual Twitter accounts that share Extension-focused content. The list, ExtensionVoices, is the default Twitter stream on many official NC State Extension websites. Some county and portal sites display specific topic focused Twitter accounts or lists. Many of our websites also link to county or topic based Facebook pages.
For those of you who connect Facebook and Twitter accounts to our official organizational websites, this message serves as a reminder that your posts and tweets are viewed by the public as official NC State Extension or North Carolina Cooperative Extension content. As such, content should be extension-related and comply with the university regulations on social media and computer use.
We encourage you to use social media to extend your messages to broader audiences. Please keep in mind that content posted on or linked from our organizational pages must reflect the work of NC State Extension and North Carolina Cooperative Extension and not your personal opinions.
Visit our About the ExtensionVoices list page to learn more about this list, its members, and how to have your account included or removed. If you have questions about including social media on extension websites, please contact the CES Help Desk at or 919-513-7000.