Fall Face to Face Workshops for Computer Contacts

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Extension Information Technology (EIT) is offering 3 1/2 hour, face to face workshops for county Computer Contacts in September and October. We’ll meet in eight locations from Hayesville to Barco, starting in Clay County on September 20. Most of you will be able to attend and travel within an eight hour day.

The county Computer Contact role is very important to EIT’s ability to offer computer support for your offices. We appreciate all you do for us: helping orient new employees, keeping us informed when employees join and leave your staff, and serving as a contact point for IT-related information, and more.

The workshops will be most applicable to Computer Contacts in offices with Mac computers, but many topics pertain to everyone.


  • New employee onboarding information, such as changes in adding new employees to extension systems
  • Understanding tasks new employees need to complete, like setting up their Areas of Responsibility and obtaining a WolfPack One NC State ID cards
  • Changes on the Macintosh systems including new temporary accounts, new software and updating systems.
  • Understanding and avoiding the many different security threats to university and personal data.
  • Changes coming from NC State Office of Information Technology regulations.
  • EIT News, Twitter and other ways to stay connected
  • Q&A time to answer your questions on any applications supported by EIT

Registration for these sessions is open in XLMS. Deadlines vary based on location. Details on meals will be provided within the next few days.

Computer Contacts, we hope you can make it to one of these sessions!