Digital Signage – Coming Soon

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digital sign on wallWe have successfully installed the digital signage in two test counties this week. We will begin scheduling installations across the state in the next few days.

Please make sure you get your television mounted as soon as possible and then let us know when you are ready by sending an email to with a picture of your mounted television so we know that you are ready for us to visit.

We are planning our installation schedule around areas where there are a number of counties ready. If everything goes as planned, the installation should only take a few minutes and we’ll follow that up with a demonstration of how the sign works and how you can update content displayed in your county.

Content for your sign will come from a number of different sources. There will be some default slides included on all displays including things like the Extension Logo and marketing slides. There is also an online application where you will be able to add your own local custom content to the presentation. Each county sign will also display a staff page and events page which will pull directly from your county website. Please make sure that you have your staff page up to date and that you have entered what’s going on in your office on your calendar. If you have any questions about these updates, please contact the EIT Helpdesk at 919-513-7000 or

Thanks for your excitement about this project and we look forward to visiting your office soon.