Digital Signage Update – Questions Answered

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Digital SignMany of you are receiving your televisions and mounts for the new digital signage and, in fact, we’ve even heard that some of you already have them mounted.

There have been several questions related to this project and I hope this will provide you with answers. If you still have further questions, please send them to us through the EIT Help Desk.

Where do I mount the television?

Your facilities personnel should mount the TV wherever you feel is the most effective location in your center. Ideally, you should hang it somewhere that the public tends to congregate, such as in a lobby, outside a meeting room or around your entrance area. The most effective height for a digital screen location is at or slightly above eye level.

You’ll also need to make sure there is a power outlet available to power the TV and computer. Ideally, an outlet installed on the wall at the bracket location is best. A lower cost alternative to installing a new outlet would be to use an existing outlet within 9′ of the television and hide the cables using cable molding. Cable molding can be purchased at home improvement or hardware stores.

The computer will need to connect to your wireless network to download content so you will also need to make sure that you have wireless network coverage in the area where you mount the television. If you’re not sure about the signal, you can test the signal with your laptop or iPad. If the best location for the television is outside of the wireless coverage area, please contact the EIT Help Desk to discuss options for installing another wireless access point.

I have my television mounted, now what?

Once you have your television mounted, we will need to schedule a visit to install the computer which drives the display. Please let us know that you are ready by taking a picture of your mounted television showing us where it is located and send that to us via email to the EIT Help Desk. Please include any additional information that will be helpful to us when we visit (i.e. it’s mounted 12′ up, power is 8′ away, etc)  Once we have several counties in your area, we’ll schedule a trip to make the installs.

Do I need to create content for my sign?

Content for your sign will come from a number of sources. There will be marketing / branding slides included as well as content that comes from your website like featured content, events, and directory information. You will also be able to add slides to your display through an online tool. This will allow you to add local announcements or information that will be displayed on the screen.

If you have further questions, please send them to us via the EIT Help Desk.