New Antivirus Software at NC State

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The Office of Information Technology recently announced the availability of Kaspersky Antivirus, the university’s new antivirus solution, at no charge to current NC State students, faculty and staff, for both work and personally-owned devices. The license for Trend Micro will expire on June 29, 2014.

What does this mean for extension employees in county centers? 

EIT is testing the new solution and will push it out to the supported Mac computers soon. We do not want you to install it yourselves.

People using Windows computers must contact their local IT support personnel before loading this on their computers. Most county IT departments use their own antivirus solution, separate from campus, so nothing will need to be done. A Windows computer using Trend Micro from campus will need to be upgraded to the new Kaspersky antivirus in order to stay up to date. 

Please remember that if you do not manage your own computer then do not try to install the Kaspersky software. Talk to the administrators for your computer about the new antivirus.

The instructions for uninstalling TrendMicro and installing Kaspersky on supported and personally owned computers is provided on NC State’s Antivirus Resources page.